Timely and accurate posting of Insurance payments

Maintaining your financials up to date and accurate is crucial to manage your dental office efficiently and effectively. We at digifolks dental billing make the process smooth, simple and quick for you. Have your financials always up to date with daily payment postings.

Significance of Payment Posting Service​


Our Payments posting service will significantly improve day to day management of your practice

Boost your revenue

Be fully paid for the services you delivered

Streamline your revenue cycle

Make your practice more efficient and productive

Retain employees for longer

Make your practice management more cohesive with our payment posting services ​

Many insurance claims are being added to your revenue cycle daily with high risk of inaccuracies. Payment posting process can easily catch those issues and increase your collections. Errors in financial information can cause great distress to financial side of your practice so accurate payments posting is paramount in keeping your financials in good health. Payment posting isn’t just critical for your revenue cycle but is vital for improving patient experience. DigiFolks Dental billing’s payment posting service will easily identify billing errors and help you rectify them immediately.

How Payment posting Works?

The process includes comparing the actual payments your practice is receiving with the explanation of benefits to highlight errors on either side. The process is aimed at mitigating billing cycle errors. With details of every claim and payment non covered dental treatments are easily identified. Furthermore payment posting provides great help in managing denied claims as it identifies payer denials which can then be submitted regularly. Identifying denials make sure the claims are not being denied again and again for the same reason.

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