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The dentist starts a dental practice to help patients so you can focus on helping by spending more time with patients, and our experts will handle Dental Billing. Dental Billing is an extensive process for revenue collection management, and Insurance verification is just a tiny part yet the most technical and time-consuming process.

We DigiFolks Dental Billing Services are here to get everything done for you so that you can help patients smile and satisfy them with your expertise, and we can make the billing process smooth for you.

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Dental Insurance verification

Dental Insurance verification is an integral part of making a practice profitable. The central part of revenue, nearly 50%, depends on the insurance collections. Therefore, it is crucial to make the information verified to get fully paid for the services which are provided. If a piece of information is incorrect, it can lead to high AR, and the wrong payer ID can lead to outstanding claims and unsatisfied patients.

Smooth ways of exploring dental practice with our new premier Dental insurance verification:​

Being innovative makes us more open to channels where we can provide services at the lowest, lesser than market rates.

All our package provides comprehensive verification.

To make it convenient, we offer different Insurance verification services so that you can select which one is best for your practice?




Basic verification

Our Basic plan includes

  • Plan frequencies
  • Coverage
  • History
  • Maximum

Extensive Verification

It follows protocols of practice provided to us, which include

  • Deductibles
  • Plan type
  • Specific code coverage
  • Specific history details
  • Specific code frequencies

Complete Verification

Complete verification is a complete package of verification that includes code customization and detailed coverage category wise for Preventative, Basic, Major, and Ortho. Moreover, we can do it according to protocols provided by the practice.

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