Make sure you collect everything before your outstanding claims expire

We at Digifolks dental billing make sure that not a single collectible dental claim is missed with procedures in place to monitor such claims on daily basis. We will be reviewing and following such claims every day which will result in more cash flow.  

How can we help with Insurance aging reports?

Maintaining Patient ledgers

Keeping a up-to-date record of claims collected and pending claims

Recording the attempts made to collect such claims

Reporting daily

Increasing cash in flows

Reducing Expired Claims

Dental Insurance aging reports is a mandatory information for a dental clinic. These reports keep you updated about unpaid patient bills and as well as outstanding insurance claims.

Aging reports help your practice manage receivables more efficiently and effectively. Knowing how much amount your patients and insurance companies owe you will not only help in collecting these amounts but will let you make more informed managerial decisions.

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