Be better equipped to discuss with your patients about their insurance Plans.

Ensure smooth and hassle free billing process.

Accurate and timely insurance verification streamlines the whole billing process but is a time consuming activity that often requires dealing with complex areas of insurance. Let our experts take care of it for you while you take care of your patients.

We are there to be a part of your dental office instead of being merely an outsourcing firm.

Why Dental Verification is so important?

Provides up to date and authentic information about patient’s dental insurance plan

Provides a clear picture of treatments covered or not covered

Identifies the services for which the patient should be billed

Provides clarity about patient reimbursements

Improves overall efficiency of your dental office

Minimize claim denials and rejections

Hassle of Insurance Verification

Insurance companies are well known for changing their plans almost every year bringing on changes and complex policies that can be difficult for you and your patients to interpret. Understanding the actual benefits the patients are eligible for, policies like waiting periods and insurance jargons like copay, general maximum may consume a lot of energy and time of your dental office which otherwise can be spent on satisfying your patients and building a healthy relationship with them and obviously improving your productivity. On top of that any misunderstanding about insurance plans will result in denied claims, reduced collections and unsatisfied customers.

We are here to take care of your Insurance Verification Process

Our team of expert dental billers with years of experience provides you with the most convenient solutions to all your problems making sure you get accurate and timely information in an understandable and comprehensive format, letting you provide exceptional dental care, most suitable treatment plans and accurate cost estimates to your patients which in turn will not just ensure retention of your existing customers but will help you in growing the number of your patients. The information your dental office will have through our insurance verification service will not just help you to confidently communicate with your patients and in bringing transparency but will let you be more prepared to submit claims with minimized risk of rejection and will ensure on time payments.

Turn your patients into your salespersons

Patient’s satisfaction is of utmost importance when it comes to growth of your dental practice. A happy customer will not just rely on you for future treatments but will most definitely create a positive image of your practice among other patients by spreading the word.

Let digifolks dental billing be your partner to simplify your dental insurance verification process.  

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