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Submission of dental insurance claims involve following rigid steps and procedures which often are quite complex as well so insurance claim rejections are possible even when utmost care is observed at the time of submissions. But you don’t have to worry about these denied claims. We at DigiFolks Dental billing will be consistently monitoring and fixing these denials.

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When Dental Insurance Claims are denied!

Denied dental insurance claims are source of concern for both dental office and patients as a denied claim means that the patient will have to pay out of pocket for a procedure which has already been completed but the patient might not be able to afford the service resulting in your practice being unpaid for the services delivered.

One of the most important process in dental billing is Dental Insurance Verification to avoid denied claims where the claim is being denied due to patient’s ineligibility. DigiFolks Dental Billing is there to support you throughout the billing process to make the whole process stress-free for your dental office

Why Dental Claims are Denied?

Unfulfilled Requirements

Insurance companies have specific requirements for every dental claim. At the time of submission if the required information is not attached with the claim it will result in denied claims.

Policy Limitations

Every Insurance plans has limitations regarding the treatments and procedures covered under the plan. Submitting claims for uncovered procedures and treatments will obviously result in denied dental claims.

Time Limits

There are deadlines when it comes to submitting dental insurance claims. Disregarding these deadlines will increase the number of denied claims.

Outdated Insurance Plans

Patients might come to your practice with terminated or outdated insurance plans and if patients’ insurance information is not timely verified your office might end up with denied dental claims.

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