Are billing and collections the areas of your practice consuming up all your time and energy without a significant breakthrough? Do you see rejected claims and uncollected bills piling up? Are insurance billing codes giving you hard time and most importantly are you losing your hard earned revenue to the complicated policies of insurance companies? If answer to any of the above questions is a nod, this is the perfect time to get in touch with us. Outsource your dental billing to DigiFolks Dental Billing and forget about all of these problems.

Let your employees fix smiles while we fix your dental billing

Outsourcing your dental billing to us will let your employees put all their energy in satisfying your customer which of course is the most significant area for the growth for your dental practice. We will be a helping hand for your staff, instead of replacing them. The endless hours your employees have to spend working on insurance bills and dealing with insurance companies might shift their focus away from the most important task at hand i.e. patient care, so let us share their burden. Our experienced and trained professional dental billers will not just take hassle away from your employees but will definitely improve the process.

Put an end to delayed payments, see your costs going down and your profits remarkably rising as soon as you outsource your Dental Billing process to us!

Say goodbye to the stress that comes with billing!

Outsource your billing to us and just do what you enjoy doing, taking care of your patients.

No more delayed payments

Don’t lose your revenue to the complex billing process

Get your billing statements processed daily

Have your insurance claims submitted with almost no error

Reduce the number of pending claims

Get timely reports to remain updated about your billing claims 

We believe in transparent business relations

When it comes to our service fee, nothing is kept hidden from our clients. Every fee or charge is clearly discussed before we get in business with you. No surprise fees at the end of month because we treat our clients more than just clients, they are our partners.


Maintain a healthy and balanced dental practice to thrive with full potential! What do we mean by that? You have to maintain both sides of your dental practice; patient dealing and practice management. When you can’t keep up with both your patients and billing system, it becomes frustrating for you. Then, one or both sides get troubled.
But, don’t fret! We are here to help you differently— the scale can be tipped in your favor to grow well. Don’t overburden yourself by managing both sides of your dental practice. Simply outsource your dental billing to us and put your time and energy towards patient care!

Are you ready to tip the scale in your favor?

Get rid of the slow and sluggish process of dental billing by shifting to our advanced billing techniques!

Traditional ways of billing where physical books are kept of bills and one individual is responsible for all the hectic process is susceptible to errors and omissions resulting in loss of revenue so shift to our modern billing techniques which are much more reliable.

Our Services

We help you manage your services better.

Dental Insurance Verifications

Ensure smooth and hassle free billing process

Accurate and timely insurance verification streamlines the whole billing process but is a time consuming activity that often requires dealing with complex areas of insurance. Let our experts take care of it for you while you take care of your patients.

Claim Submissions

Send error free Dental insurance claims

Insurance claims being denied repeatedly due to errors and inaccuracies can have a negative impact on your dental office management but you don’t have to worry about sending error free claims. Get us on board and overcome these issues.

Payment Posting

Timely and accurate posting of Insurance payments

Maintaining your financials up to date and accurate is crucial to manage your dental office efficiently and effectively. We at DigiFolks dental billing make the process smooth, simple and quick for you. Have your financials always up to date with daily payment postings.

Denied Claims

Get your denied dental insurance claims fixed with assistance from DigiFolks Dental Billing!

Submission of dental insurance claims involve following rigid steps and procedures which often are quite complex as well so insurance claim rejections are possible even when utmost care is observed at the time of submissions. But you don’t have to worry about these denied claims.

Insurance Aging Reports

Make sure you collect everything before your outstanding claims expire

We at Digifolks dental billing make sure that not a single collectible dental claim is missed with procedures in place to monitor such claims on daily basis. We will be reviewing and following such claims every day which will result in more cash flow.

Patient Billing Services

Smooth and detailed Patient Billing Service

It is imperative to provide patients with the best dental care, which is a time-consuming activity; when you’re running a dental practice, the responsibility to make patients satisfied comes, so it is essential to build a solid base for growth.

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DigiFolks Dental Billing solutions offer a range of services to help you not just in dental billing process but to overall improve the management of your dental clinic.

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